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Stop complaining and join us in revisiting these perfect Game Of Thrones scenes

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[Spoilers for Game Of Thrones season 8 episode 6.]

Game Of Thrones may have ended last night, but the debate over the quality of this final season is far from over. While you’re out there memeing your Twitter colleagues into oblivion, though, try to remember that this show gave us years of high-quality entertainment, dozens of memorable heroes and villains, and a book’s worth of quotable lines. If you need help in that regard, dig into this epic thread of the show’s best scenes that one fan put together. Not only do the scenes on display—Jaime and Brienne’s bath, the Red Wedding, and Ramsay Bolton’s death, among others—overlap with many of our favorite moments, but they also serve as a palate cleanser of sorts for any misgivings you may have with the final six episodes.


The list goes on and on, highlighting dramatic climaxes of fire and blood, as well as the moments of hushed palace intrigue that made the first few seasons so addictive. Season 8 isn’t completely left out either. The scene where Jaime knights Brienne before the Battle of Winterfell gets a shoutout, as does Arya’s final face-off with the Night King.


There is a reason fans’ disappointment with these rushed, final seasons is so palpable, and that’s because they were preceded by years of quality storytelling. Game Of Thrones didn’t become a cultural juggernaut because people loved to complain about it, and it shouldn’t be remembered simply for the arguments it sparked on Twitter and in the comments section. Remember the good times. Then, find something new to watch (like, say, the wonderful Fleabag).


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