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Stones get their own Across The Universe

Following the, oh, let's call it "success" of last year's Beatles-based comedy Across The Universe (that was a comedy, right?), the film's writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais have started working on an animated movie about The Rolling Stones. Titled Ruby Tuesday, the project already has me salivating in anticipation of some Cheddar Fries and a Handcrafted Bison Bacon Burger after a long day at the ol' cube farm. The film, which will reportedly take several years to complete, "tells the story of a single father searching for happiness in New York City." A dozen of The Stones' songs will be incorporated in some form or another, and Mick Jagger himself has signed on as a producer. As for the animation, La Frenais said, "Obviously, this is not just a kiddie film. You can't do The Stones and think it will just be for kids." Obviously.

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