Stone Temple Pilots have put their current tour on hold following a show at Houston’s Woodlands Pavillion, which featured a classic hour-late arrival time and even a mid-show, seemingly drunken ramble from singer Scott Weiland. The ‘90s are back! Weiland paused the performance to comment on the “bullshit on the Internet, which I don’t have faith or believe in” (Dude, he’s talking about us! Wooooooo!)—bullshit that, presumably, has to do with the tenuousness of Weiland’s supposed sobriety, which Weiland himself seems to admit is, at the present time, over. “On the eighth of December will be the time when I stopped doing dope,” Weiland said, then added, “I started drinking again. I got divorced, my wife… My whole world basically spun around and so you know what? I’m gonna take care of myself because that’s what I need to take care of. Instead of just having a few shows, I wanna have a whole hell of a lot of shows.” Presumably Weiland taking care of himself—particularly now that he’s started drinking again—is what precipitated the band taking what its website cheerfully calls “a short break,” with its ongoing tour not resuming until “mid-October” in Florida. Here’s video of Weiland’s speech: