Peter Gabriel and Sting, together at an Amnesty International concert in 1988. (Photo: Getty Images)

Ensuring that the long-prophesied King Of Suburban Dads will have his loyal troubadours together and accounted for whenever he finally emerges, penny loafers gliding gently over his majestically well-cropped lawn, musicians Sting and Peter Gabriel have announced that they’ll be touring together this summer. Tickets for the 19-stop North American tour—in which the two artists will play separate sets, while also promising to “meld their bands to explore each other’s most celebrated hits,” in what sounds like some sort of dangerous adult contemporary alchemy—will go on sale next week.

While announcing the news, Sting seemed as excited as Sting gets, writing in the press release for the tour that, “I’m very happy that we’re taking the chance to experiment this way. I think people will be intrigued, I certainly am.” (Gabriel, meanwhile, should probably start exercising and limbering himself up, because once Sting is intrigued by something, it usually goes on for hours at a time.) The tour will kick off on June 21, in Columbus, Ohio; you can see the rest of the dates here.


[h/t Entertainment Weekly]