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Stieg Larsson wrote another book that you will never be able to read

Swedish novelist Stieg Larsson never got to see his Millennium Trilogy turn into the only thing adults read besides Jonathan Franzen and their iPhones, unfortunately, but although he’ll never reap the financial rewards, his legacy lives on in three mega-popular novels and their attendant film adaptations, both foreign and domestic. And apparently it doesn’t end there: CBS’ 48 Hours recently uncovered proof that Larsson completed a fourth novel in the planned 10-book series—although according to Larsson’s brother, it’s actually the fifth, because he found it “more fun to write than book number four.”

So that’s confusing, but it probably doesn’t matter since you’re never going to see it, not as long as Larsson’s family continues feuding with Larsson’s girlfriend of 32 years, Eva Gabrielsson, who lost all rights to any of his earnings after Larsson’s death—because the nation does not recognize their common law marriage, which they entered into out of necessity, due to Larsson’s occasionally dangerous work as an investigative journalist—but who still has his computer with the manuscript on it. And even if the family did manage to get the next book in Larsson’s The Girl Who series from Gabrielsson, it claims it wouldn’t publish it anyway. So don’t even think about it, we guess. Sorry we brought it up.


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