Stevie Nicks writes Game Of Thrones poetry—because why wouldn’t Stevie Nicks write Game Of Thrones poetry? That now totally obvious tidbit comes courtesy of an interview the Fleetwood Mac singer did with Scotland’s The Herald. Nicks says the show helped her get through the death of her mother last year, and that in return she’s “written a bunch of poetry” about the show, including a poem for each of the characters. Unfortunately for everyone, none of this poetry has been published or exists anywhere outside Nicks’ notebooks, but the singer says she would like to write some music for the HBO show.

While Nicks revealed in the interview that—gasp!—she used to date (and hopefully share capes and eyeliner with) Prince, she says that now, she’s got a crush on George R.R. Martin. It’s just a talent crush, but Nicks says, “It blows my mind that he’s able to create this vast, interlinked world.” She goes on to say that Martin probably couldn’t imagine writing “Edge Of Seventeen” or “Rhiannon” either.