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American Horror Story: Coven has spent this past season reviving the old rumor that Stevie Nicks is not only the kind of music enjoyed by people who like to talk about witch stuff, but an actual witch herself. And while she’s spent years denying it, now she’s facing it head on with an upcoming cameo on the show, as Ryan Murphy tweeted that the singer would be making an appearance on the show and, presumably, visiting Lily Rabe’s character to tell her that not everyone can wear those Ren-Fair corsets. Whether Nicks will be playing a character or herself is still a matter of speculation—though of course, it would be rather weird to have Stevie Nicks show up and not be Stevie Nicks, after so much Stevie Nicks talk. Then again, that’s exactly what the show did with Lindsay Buckingham in the first season, when they always had him in that weird rubber suit. [via Rolling Stone]


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