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Stevie Nicks and Harry Styles are playing together again, and fans are getting eager for an album

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Back when Harry Styles was a boy band sensation, no one would’ve guessed that he’d find a muse and collaborator in Stevie Nicks. Now, though, their performances together are one of the more enjoyable things on the internet. Styles might have piqued Nicks’ interest by bringing her a carrot cake at one of her concerts, but he most definitely won her over with his voice and style (no pun intended). They’ve performed classics like “Landslide” and “Leather and Lace” together, and, surprise, just teamed up again, sparking even more fervor for their musical pairing.


While in Rome at the afterparty for the Gucci Cruise 2020 fashion show, Harry Styles and Stevie Nicks got on stage to slay some more tunes together, their musical chemistry and complementary talent nearing legendary status. As Rolling Stone reports, Styles is the new face of Gucci fragrance, but Nicks doesn’t need a reason to be there. Her ethereal presence—and her shawls—can go wherever they damn well please.

In addition to performing “Landslide” again, they also delivered a rendition of “Stop Dragging My Heart Around.”


During an interview with Rolling Stone in February, Nicks gushed about Styles. “He’s Mick [Fleetwood]’s and my love child,” she said about him. That’s a pretty bold statement, and it’s got fans eager for a studio recording of their collaborations.


Maybe not a whole album, but their musical abilities mesh so well together—their harmonies almost therapeutic—that at least one studio version should come out of their musical love fest. With Styles’ album vibe being soft rock, it wouldn’t be out of the question for them to even create a new song together. Something’s gotta budge, but whatever happens, the internet might live for a bit longer with these Twitter videos to hold them over.


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