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Image: Cartoon Network

On November 12, fans of the Crystal Gems (and Steven!) will get to own their cinematic debut when Steven Universe: The Movie heads to DVD. While the newest story only exists to enhance the existing arc, those who haven’t caught the grand installment since its Labor Day debut may still want to take a look before going into the recently announced season six. The newest crop of episodes will usher in a brand new era for the groundbreaking series, including a more integrated Beach City and a more mature Steven, complete with a brand new neck and driver’s license. It’s a lot to process, we know.


The film was also a melodious romp with 37 new songs and an impressive roster of collaborators. The DVD will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes content, including an hour-long documentary that takes a look at the creative process behind the major Cartoon Network event. In the exclusive clip below, creator Rebecca Sugar explains how collaborator Chance The Rapper influenced the final product of the film’s biggest tune, Estelle’s “True Kinda Love.”

In addition to the DVD’s release, the film’s soundtrack will be available on vinyl three days later, November 15. Fans will have the option of grabbing the regular version or the deluxe, which will include all the music from the digital release along with eight exclusive demo recordings.

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