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Steven Universe returns next month with a 4-week event that’s full of fusions

You might not expect a cartoon that’s purportedly a kids’ show with an episode runtime of 11 minutes or so to have developed such an intricate plot or compelling characters, but that’s precisely what Rebecca Sugar’s done with Steven Universe—with earworms, to boot. We have tons of questions about season three (which was originally part of season two), like what’s going on with the Diamond Authority, and do the Gems stand a chance against Malachite? The answer to the latter is almost certainly yes, but we’ll have a better idea when the show returns on May 12. Entertainment Weekly has this exclusive teaser for “In Too Deep,” the 4-week event that’s not being called a “Steven Bomb” at the moment, but will unleash the same amount of joy nonetheless.

We see the return of Alexandrite, who will have more fearsome things to deal with than a dinner with Connie’s parents this time around. Malachite, the fraught fusion of Lapis Lazuli and Jasper, is eager to tear the Crystal Gems apart, which is probably why Steven tells Peridot he’s got a bad feeling about this. And let’s not forget The Cluster, a massive fusion that’s been with us all along. “In Too Deep” consists of a 30-minute special on May 12, featuring two back-to-back episodes, followed by one new weekly episode for the remaining three weeks. Remember, if you’re frustrated by this schedule, you really have only your own viewing habits to blame.


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