Although Fox is typically mum about the deal, E! is reporting that Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler has officially signed on to be one of the judges on the upcoming, completely stripped and refitted American Idol. He should probably go ahead and tell Joe Perry, who was sort-of pissed about this. He might also want to start coming up with a pat response for anyone who dredges up this interview.

As for the remaining slot on the panel, those mythical creatures known as “sources” say that Jennifer Lopez may still be in the running despite earlier reports that she’d been dropped due to "out of hand" demands. However, E! also says that if she wants the gig, she’ll probably have to retract some of those requests, which include the totally reasonable package of a $20 million-plus salary, as well as her own hair, makeup, and styling team to be housed within her “dressing room compound.” Here’s a tip: If you don’t want to be seen as an over-demanding diva, make sure your contract doesn’t require a “compound.”