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Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova delayed yet again

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Those who have grown weary of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark schadenfreude and the Fates’ war on The Hobbit, consider adding the similarly perpetually delayed Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova to your March Madness “troubled project” bracket. So far the time-travelin’ dinosaur drama has lost a key executive producer and fired its entire writing staff (which didn’t help the rumors that sole remaining showrunner Brannon Braga is impossible to work with), had its premiere date bumped, and was forced to scrap its Comic-Con panel, but Fox remained optimistic throughout that it would be ready to debut a two-hour preview this May to stoke anticipations for its fall debut—similar to the strategy it successfully employed with Glee. But never mind that: The network has now issued a statement saying they’re canceling that preview “to give the visual effects team the time needed for their groundbreaking work” (which, uh, certainly bodes well for a weekly series) and will instead wait to debut Terra Nova in the fall. By then, of course, SyFy will have scripted, produced, and aired approximately 12 similar man-vs.-CGI dinosaur and not-so-subtle-Avatar-ripoff movies, and overall, will have had way more fun.


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