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Steven Spielberg would hypothetically like to direct Chris Pratt in a hypothetical Indiana Jones movie

As any good archaeologist knows, finding ancient artifacts is almost entirely based on rumors and assumptions. OK, we’re not sure if that’s true, but reporting on Disney’s possible Indiana Jones reboot/sequel requires us to distance ourselves from a little thing that scientists refer to as “actual facts.” Basically, for the foreseeable future, any discussion of a new Indiana Jones movie should come with one of those disclaimers about how everything depicted therein is completely fictitious, and any similarities between them and real things should be considered coincidental.

So a new Indiana Jones isn’t necessarily in the works, but if it were, Disney might want Chris Pratt to star in it, as we reported back in January. Now, according to Deadline, Steven Spielberg says that he would want to direct Chris Pratt in an Indiana Jones movie, “assuming a script comes in to his satisfaction.” Spielberg directed the first three Indiana Jones movies—as well as a fourth movie with a similar name that is actually unrelated to the series because it’s garbage—so that’s not especially surprising. However, this new Chris Pratt-starring Indiana Jones sequel only exists as a hypothetical, so it’s not like Spielberg is sitting in his mansion this very second anxiously checking his computer for an e-mail that says, “Here’s the script for Indiana Jones And The Over-Saturation Of Pratt.


Knowing Hollywood (and Disney), a new Indiana Jones movie will almost certainly come out eventually. Will it star Chris Pratt? We have no idea. Will Spielberg direct it? Probably, but we also have no idea. But, if Disney does decide to make a new Indiana Jones, and if it gets Chris Pratt to star in it, and if Spielberg likes the script, then we might get an Indiana Jones movie starring Chris Pratt and directed by Spielberg. Or maybe the movie will star Spielberg and be directed by Chris Pratt. We really have no idea.

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