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Steven Spielberg wants your upvotes, picks up the rights to Reddit horror story

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Slender Man gets all the press, but he’s definitely not the only scary story birthed by the internet, and now he’s not the only scary story getting a sweet movie deal—though, no offense to the Slender Man movie, this deal is sweeter. As reported by Variety, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners has picked up the movie rights to The Spire In The Woods, a scary story that was originally published by Tony Lunedi (under the excellent scary story pen-name “TheBoyInTheClock”) as a 10-part Reddit saga in 2013. The project is being retitled The Bells, which makes sense since The Spire In The Woods is an extremely Reddit title, and Variety says it’s about a teenager investigating the mysterious and possibly supernatural death of a friend. Don’t bother reading that previous line, though, because you can just check out the entirety of The Spire In The Woods for yourself on Reddit right now. You don’t need to get any other work done today, right?

Amblin is working on The Bells with Roy Lee and Jon Berg from Vertigo Entertainment, with the two of them bringing along experience from The Ring, The Departed, Aquaman, and Elf.


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