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Steven Spielberg wants to produce a new Grapes Of Wrath for today's wrathful grapes

As there ain’t no sin and there ain’t no virtue, there’s just stuff people redo, DreamWorks is currently in talks with John Steinbeck’s estate about a new version of The Grapes Of Wrath with Steven Spielberg producing. Steinbeck’s novel about how the Great Depression transformed America into a bunch of angry grapes, just burstin’ at the skin with desperation juice, has only been adapted once before, as John Ford’s Oscar-nominated classic starring Henry Fonda. But sadly, for all its awards and continued acclaim, that film didn’t include any elderly men breastfeeding, therefore it didn’t wholly capture Steinbeck’s vision of a poverty-stricken America driven to act out symbolic tableaus. So it’s up to Spielberg to try again for today's pissed-off fruits—though Spielberg insists he will “absolutely not direct it,” not wanting to tread on the sacred cinematic ground of one of his filmmaking heroes in any way except as producer. Should the project come to fruition [<—-PLEASE NOTE PUN, FOR WHICH A MAN SHALL NEVER GO HUNGRY], expect said grapes to be in 3-D this time, so you can really feel their wrath.


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