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Steven Spielberg to introduce Robopocalypse to the ever-growing pile of ways the world will end

Those who may be worried that Steven Spielberg is now solely interested in directing stories about love affairs between kids and equine creatures—what with his back-to-back films The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn and War Horse—stop thinking such crazy things: He’s now confirmed that his very next project will be Robopocalypse, an adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson’s novel about humans battling the global uprising of robots, none of whom are in love with kids (that we know of). Somehow it is not at all like the premise of The Terminator.

Buffy and Lost alum Drew Goddard will handle the script for Robopocalypse, which was put into motion and rushed to the storyboard phase before Wilson even finished his book. (It’s due out next summer.) According to Deadline, Spielberg will direct the film in 2012 for release in 2013 by DreamWorks, perhaps in time for a double feature with its also recently acquired Monsterpocalypse. Whole lot of ’pocalypsin’ going on over the next couple of years.


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