Like the creepy guy in his 50s who still shows up at the dorm parties, carrying a six-pack and asking if anyone wants to “check out the muscle car,” Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television has descended upon yet another young network. Last time it enticed TNT to pick up a series about a magical war between light and darkness. This time Amblin has set its sights on the awkward cousin of subscription television, Starz.

Deadline reports that Starz is developing The Disappearance, a new series from Hannibal writer Nick Antosca. The mystery drama tells the story of Josh, a teenager who returns home seven years after being kidnapped, and whose parents put aside their marital problems to help him readjust. After his mother begins to suspect that a series of local murders is connected to her son, she begins doing some detective work, only to enter “a nightmare that threatens her life and everything she holds dear.” No casting announcements have yet been made.