Image: DC Comics

Fresh off of trying to appeal to every nerd ever with Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg has signed on to produce and ‚Äúvery possibly‚ÄĚ direct an actual comic book movie with Blackhawk, an adaptation of an old DC Comics series about World War II fighter pilots. The name has been resurrected a few times, including with a modern-day Blackhawks series during DC‚Äôs New 52 relaunch, but the story of the ace pilot squadron and its mysterious leader‚ÄĒthe eponymous Blackhawk‚ÄĒhas typically been relegated to its original ‚Äė40s setting.

That‚Äôs according to Entertainment Weekly, which says the screenplay is being written by Jurassic Park writer David Koepp. Spielberg also confirmed the news in a statement, just in case the idea of him ‚Äúvery possibly‚ÄĚ directing a comic book movie seems surprising, saying that the ‚Äúblend of passion and professionalism‚ÄĚ that everyone at Warner Bros. showed during the making of Ready Player One convinced him to work with the studio again on this new project. Warner Bros. also released a similar statement, highlighting Spielberg‚Äôs talents‚ÄĒas if we all needed a reminder‚ÄĒand teasing the ‚Äúnew ground he will break in introducing Blackhawk to movie audiences worldwide.‚ÄĚ


Entertainment Weekly notes that the current plans to direct Indiana Jones 5 and West Side Story are still happening, so if Spielberg does get behind the camera for Blackhawk, it won’t happen until after those two movies. Also, once again, we would like to remind Mr. Spielberg that he doesn’t really have to make another Indiana Jones movie. He can just leave it at the three good ones.