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Steven Spielberg’s next foray into the horror genre, Spielberg After Dark, is literally only fit for nightfall. Per The Hollywood Reporter, his next creepy project will be a series for Jeffrey Katzenberg’s forthcoming short-form video mobile service Quibi. Spielberg is currently writing it (though he confirms that a few “chapters,each seven to ten minutes long, are already completed), but here’s the kicker: According to Katzenberg, users will only have the ability to view the episodes after dark.  


“Steven Spielberg came in and said, ‘I have a super scary story’,” Katzenberg said on Sunday during the Banff World Media Festival. “But he said, ‘I only want people to watch it at midnight. It’s a creepy idea and when they watch it, I want it to be creepier.’” Quibi’s engineers are working on a way to integrate existing cell phone technology, which already tracks sunset/sunrise times according to our specific geographical locations. This might be creepier than the content itself, so A-plus for commitment.

The service is set to debut April of 2020 with Spielberg After Dark as part of its inaugural year’s content slate. It’ll probably be pretty solid, but we hope he’s not aiming for awards here. According to him, that wouldn’t be very fair.

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