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Steven Spielberg forced to attend Comic-Con to defend The Adventures Of Tintin

Faced with the prospect of selling skeptical, snide Internet audiences on The Adventures Of Tintin and the creepy motion-capture technology that typically sends audiences gibbering into the night, DreamWorks has adopted a surefire strategy: Daring them to say that stuff to Steven Spielberg’s face, as the director will make his first-ever appearance at next week’s Comic-Con. Spielberg will descend to walk among the teeming, awestruck masses on July 22, appearing at a panel to promote the movie as well as accept the annual Inkpot award, and no doubt trying to steer the conversation back to Tintin while politely answering lots of questions about potential Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park sequels. If you plan to attend Comic-Con and want to see Spielberg, maybe go ahead and get in line today—or you can get the vicarious experience of not seeing Spielberg from our own Todd VanDerWerff, who will be filing reports from Comic-Con all next week, and most likely not bothering to camp out for stuff like that because it’s gotten really ridiculous.


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