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Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner may do another historical drama

Having previously collaborated on the Oscar-nominated Lincoln and Munich, Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner might be headed for the Triple Crown of historical dramas. According to Variety, the duo will collaborate once more on a real life story, this time titled The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara. As of now, Steven Spielberg has only signed on to produce the film, though he may choose to direct it as well.

Based on a nonfiction book by David Kertzer, Edgardo Mortara centers on a young Italian Jewish boy who was removed from his parents by authorities of the Papal Sates in 1858 and raised as a Catholic. Mortara then went on to become a priest of the Augustinian order. Kushner is apparently in the “early stages” of writing the script, so even if Spielberg does decide to direct the project, it seems likely he’ll tackle another film first. The previously delayed Robopocalypse or Dalton Trumbo’s once-abandoned Montezuma are the top contenders.


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