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Steven Soderbergh uses retirement as an excuse to mash two Psychos together

In a move not totally dissimilar to your dad getting really into his woodworking, Steven Soderbergh has used all the extra time his comfortable retirement affords to recut Psycho in its entirety—using material from both Alfred Hitchcock’s original and Gus Van Sant’s 1998 remake. Soderbergh drains the color from Van Sant’s version, then mashes it up with the original to wholly bizarre results. The project reaches peak weirdness during the famous shower scene, where Soderbergh not only brings the color back to the remake, he also layers the two versions on top of each other and plays them simultaneously.  The full-length mashup is available over at Soderbergh’s website (where he’s also, equally weirdly, hawking shirts, Bolivian Brandy and apps). It is, at the very least, worth a quick glance, if only for the chance to compare directly Vince Vaughn to Anthony Perkins.


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