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Steven Soderbergh releases list of things watched in 2016, is in love with David Fincher

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Continuing a tradition he started a few years ago, today Steven Soderbergh released a huge list cataloging all the media he consumed last year. It’s a lot! Soderbergh’s a rangy, hard-to-pin talent, but his list looks pretty similar to that of any other diligent consumer of pop-culture: O.J.: Made In America, Westworld, a whole lot of the Olympics, and Fury Road, among other movies and TV shows. The list is an interesting exercise in quantifying a year’s worth of art appreciation, and Soderbergh’s contains more than a few interesting picks. Why, for example, did he go from two episodes of Inside Amy Schumer to the Da Vinci Code feel-good pop psychology of The Secret?

Perhaps most interestingly, this year he plowed through almost every David Fincher movie, and got his hands on the director’s still-in-production series for Netflix, Mindhunter. Starting in July 2016, Soderbergh watched a total of eight episodes of the FBI criminal profiling drama, which still doesn’t have a start-date set. Also noteworthy were nine viewings of Logan Lucky, his own in-production film set for later this year, and the fact that this dude still watches Dateline! Soderbergh watched 23 episodes of the long-running news magazine show this year, down from 31 last year. In 2014, he watched it zero times. Maybe the fact that he had started watching Dateline spurred him to come out of retirement?


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