Steven Soderbergh’s headed to New York and he’s bringing Chloë Grace Moretz with him. While this could be the start of a fun buddy-cop movie (Are you listening Harvey Weinstein?), the Academy Award-winning director and Kick-Ass actress are sadly teaming up for a play, not to fight crime. Both will make their New York theater debuts this spring when Soderbergh stages a script written by his frequent collaborator Scott Z. Burns (Side Effects, Contagion, The Informant!).

According to Broadway World, The Library centers around a high schooler who survives a school shooting, then struggles to tell her story as other narratives are created around her. The Public Theater will produce the Off Broadway play about which artistic director Oskar Eustis says, “The Library is about one of the most disturbing and important issues of our times—gun violence. The theater, like our nation, needs to deal with this.” The show will run March 25 through April 27; single tickets go on sale February 4.


While Moretz and Burns are new to the theater, Soderbergh previously directed Tot-Mom, a staging of transcripts from Nancy Grace’s coverage of the Casey Anthony trial for the Sydney Theatre Company in Australia. That rather odd-sounding credit should nevertheless reassure anyone worried whether the director can adapt his cinematic eye for the stage. And seeing has Soderbergh has said he's more or less retiring from filmmaking, perhaps if The Library goes well, he’ll make the theater his new home.