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Steven Seagal insufficiently tough enough to sit and listen to the sexual assault allegations against him

Photo: Kristina Nikishina (Getty Images)

Steven Seagal made his reputation off of some assumed level of real-life toughness, an ability to take a punch or successfully kick his way out of trouble that supposedly made him believable as a martial arts master chef or nebulously athletic government agent. And while several decades of unstoppable reality have mostly put the lie to that facade, we still weren’t expecting to see the day when the star of various movies with the words “Fire,” “Death,” “Siege,” and “Target” randomly assembled into titles could be driven off by a single question.


But here we are, courtesy of a clip from BBC news series Newsnight, which saw host Kirsty Wark make Seagal bolt away with a single inquiry about the sexual harassment and assault allegations against him. Nobody even had to kidnap the president!

Seagal was ostensibly on the show as part of his continued efforts to convince the rest of us that life is merely some kind of heavily bugged simulation, acting in his role as a semi-official liaison between Russia and the West. But no sooner had he had a chance to get his ponytail situated, than Wark asked him about the assault allegations made against him by several women, including model Faviola Dadis and former aspiring actress Regina Simons, and up he went. (She didn’t even get a chance to ask him about the numerous women who’ve accused him of setting up Hollywood auditions as a way to get women into locked rooms in his home.) Say what you like about Seagal, though: Man can still move pretty fast, at least when he’s faced with a foe he can’t bring himself to face.

Seagal has previously denied all of the accusations against him.

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