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L.A. Law

TV shows and movies have been pandering to ‘80s kids for a while now, but what about the people who were already old when The Transformers came out and never played Super Mario Bros. because they had real jobs and stuff? Finally, those people are going to get the pandering they deserve thanks to a reboot of the classic ’80s drama L.A. Law. According to Variety, series creator Steven Bochco is currently developing the project with Fox (which currently owns the rights), and he says the network is “very enthusiastic” about it.

For years, Bochco resisted the idea of bringing the show back, but apparently an idea from former writer Bill Finkelstein got the old L.A. Law gears turning in his head once again. No details have been confirmed yet, but the plan is to have some of the original actors return for the updated version. The Variety story doesn’t say if these original actors will be playing the same characters, but if they are, then this will be more of an X-Files or Prison Break-style revival than a simple reboot.


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