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Steve Miller’s war on the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is far from over

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Joker, smoker, and apparently all day shit talker Steve Miller isn’t done with The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame just yet, and is going to find out just exactly what the facts is.

The “Fly Like An Eagle” singer has said that he’s going to “get these guys” and is “planning to investigate” what he believes to be corrupt organization. (Miller’s crack team of detectives is rumored to include 70’s K-Tel superstars Walter Egan, Seals and not Croft), England Dan, the bass player from First Class and many more.) “I want to see where they’re spending the money, “ Miller told The Howard Stern Show this week. “I want to see who’s getting paid.” The guitarist also says he’s tracked down the Rock Hall’s public documents and plans to “keep [the story] in the news.” (Good luck with that, Steve—the public is much too concerned with a movie about scientists battling ghosts.)


Miller, who was part of 2016’s class of Rock Hall inductees alongside N.W.A, Deep Purple, Chicago, and Cheap Trick, previously called out the “laziness” of the ceremony. The Milwaukee native compared being inducted to a “reality show” and condemned the music industry folks in attendance as a “private boys’ club” full of “jackasses and jerks and fucking gangsters and crooks” when he was inducted last April, giving Steve Miller the most press he’d had since “Abracadabra” reached out and grabbed listeners back in 1982.

All kidding aside, Miller’s intentions seem to be pure. “The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame’s actually going to go to Cleveland. The Museum’s actually going to mean something,” Miller adds. “The funding they raise is actually going to be used for music education before I’m done.”

[Via Rolling Stone]

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