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Steve Kornacki’s genuinely flustered reaction to thirst tweets is so hot

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Want to feel old? This was Friday:


After the 2020 Presidential election was officially called by the Associated Press and other outlets, the internet’s collective Election Week Twitter Boyfriend went home and (this is not a joke) slept for 15 and a half hours. He also, apparently, got caught up on Steve Kornacki Thirst Twitter, and then got roped into several NBC appearances intended to capitalize on the Kornacki Kraze. Here he is with NBC News Now’s Savannah Sellers, answering some questions posed by Chrissy Teigen and generally being perplexed and charmingly flustered by his new role as a chart-related sex symbol.

His khakis, as it happens, come from Gap. And according to Sellers, that’s been good for Gap:

Kornacki, for his part, confirms what Teigen and others suspected, namely that a) he basically wasn’t sleeping except for the odd 30-minute desk nap, and b) he also didn’t change his clothes.


Luckily, it seems Teigen’s greatest fear (detailed in the above tweet) has not come to pass, for on this very afternoon, Kornacki has gone viral once again.


Great news for anyone whose type is a) gay men who b) love maps and statistics and c) hold their ties together with staples rather than replace them: Kornacki just got hotter. That tweet has been met with multiple calls that the tie be placed in the Smithsonian’s permanent collection; the storied organization has yet to issue a comment. (Put it next to Dorothy’s ruby slippers, you cowards.)

Our enthusiasm for Kornacki’s work is sincere (the thirst is exaggerated for comedic effect, the appreciation for a job well done is not), which is why we’d personally like to urge the folks at NBC to give the man a break for just a minute. Here he is yesterday, getting ribbed about his pants by the Today people:

But the unkindest cut of all came from Jimmy Fucking Fallon, who sneak-attacked the journalist in his very messy office:

Thank you for your service, sir. Don’t worry, odds are the waves of lust sweeping the nation will die down now that you’re not on television at all times in the same poor old tie. But our fondness will never wane. See you for the Georgia runoffs.


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