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Steve Guttenberg to try and murder his family in new indie comedy


According to Variety, lovable goofball Steven Guttenberg is set to star in an indie comedy called Lookin’ Up. Guttenberg will play a bank teller “who loses his job to an ATM,” which must be a tough situation to deal with. Guttenberg rises above the incident, though, and decides to channel his frustration into a new project: murdering his family. Classic Guttenberg! Unfortunately(?), his plans don’t work out when his family gets killed through “a series of bizarre mishaps,” but he gets blamed for their deaths anyway. Debra Sullivan will play the wife, with Fay DeWitt, Riva Rose, Diane Travis, and Roger Kent all popping up in other roles that aren’t the wife. It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World’s Marvin Kaplan wrote the script for Lookin’ Up, and it will be directed by Tales Of The Dark Side’s T.J. Castronova. Guttenberg says his character is like Gene Hackman’s in The Conversation, in that “he’s reacting to circumstances far beyond his control,” and he says the script depicts “the absurdity of modern life.” Truly, this does sound like the kind of story we can all relate to.

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