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Steve Carell to star in “paranoid thriller” from Gore Verbinski

Like most funny actors who suddenly realize their lives are inherently less valuable than those of dramatic actors, Steve Carell has recently been gingerly burning his foot on the metaphorical George Foreman grill of more serious roles. There’s the upcoming Foxcatcher, his devastatingly grim turn in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, and now Deadline is reporting that he’s joined a yet-untitled “paranoid thriller” that will be directed by Gore Verbinski. He’ll be working off a script written by The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty’s Steve Conrad, and that’s all we know about the project. Without any other information to go on, we’re just going to assume it’ll be a sequel/reboot of Jim Carrey’s The Number 23, which was another paranoid thriller starring a traditionally funny guy. We’re guessing it will be titled The Number 24 Effect, and it will somehow connect with The Butterfly Effect—which also happens to be a thriller starring a funny guy—and then they’ll all be a part of a Marvel-style shared universe. Or, if that wasn’t the plan before, it will be once Gore Verbinski reads this and realizes how brilliant it is.


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