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Known mostly for his comedic turns, Steve Carell has also showed off his more serious side in dramadies like Little Miss Sunshine and Dan In Real Life. Now he’s set to do it again in a film based on the memoir of a teacher living with cancer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Carell will produce and star in the film adaptation of David Menasche’s memoir, The Priority List. Published in January 2014, the book details the former teacher’s journey to come to terms with his illness and live in the present by taking a cross-country road trip to reconnect with former students.


Menasche—who is alive—was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 34. Despite being told he only had a few months left to live, he managed to extend his life via surgeries and chemo. After a seizure in 2012 ended his ability to teach, Menasche decided to take a cross-country journey to see how his former students were faring in life. Within 48 hours of posting his idea on Facebook, Menasche received offers of support and shelter from former students living in more than 50 cities. Over the course of 101 days on the road, he visited 31 cities and reconnected with over 75 former students. 

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