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Steve Carell to save Meryl Streep's marriage in Great Hope Springs, sadly not save the world in Dan In Real Life sequel

Illustration for article titled Steve Carell to save Meryl Streeps marriage in emGreat Hope Springs/em, sadly not save the world in emDan In Real Life/em sequel

The onetime Oscar-baiting Great Hope Springs may have traded director Mike Nichols for The Devil Wears Prada’s David Frankel, and further lost the potential to put “Academy Award-winning” in front of everyone’s name when Jeff Bridges and Philip Seymour Hoffman passed on starring as, respectively, Meryl Streep’s estranged husband and the couples therapist who helps them learn to love again, but at least it still has Streep, right? Now it also likely has Steve Carell, who will reportedly step in to play Hoffman’s vacated part as marriage therapist Dr. Feld, which is part of a string of post-Office movie projects Carell has lined up. Sadly, these do not as yet include Dan In Real Life: Back 2 The Life, so we’ll just have to write that one ourselves, beginning right now in the comments. We’ll get you started.



EXT. ROOFTOP OVERLOOKING A RAINSOAKED ALLEYWAY - A shadowy figure stands there, glimpsed only in silhouette, his long coat billowing in the wind.


DAN (v.o.)

I once thought that falling in love with the right person could make you feel more alive, make you the best possible version of yourself. Then I found out that sometimes it just sets you up to be betrayed by a woman who turns out to be a renegade alien spy, and who swallows your daughters whole in order to build up her strength for a ruthless campaign of global genocide. They say that love always has its price. Well, you know what?


CLOSE-UP - DAN, noticeably grizzled, wearing an eyepatch and holding a large shotgun.

[SFX — Cocking shotgun]

Put it on my tab.


Your turn.


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