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Steve Carell and Greg Daniels are turning Trump's Space Force into a Netflix show

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Parody can be a useful tool for exposing bad people without coming across as preachy, but zeroing in on one funny thing about a bad person also raises the chances of turning them into a cartoon and diminishing any real dangers they pose. That being said, it sure is fun to laugh at Donald Trump. He’s orange! He says dumb things! He made college athletes eat cold fast food! Ha ha ha. He’s also a racist motherfucker and a generally terrible human being, but it’s not super funny to talk about stuff like that or the seven-year-old girl from Guatemala who died while in the custody of border patrol agents back in December. What is funny, though, is Space Force.

Remember Space Force? It was the new military branch that Trump proposed back in March for some reason, and now Steve Carell and Greg Daniels from The Office are going to turn the idea into a workplace comedy for Netflix. According to Deadline and the very lazy teaser that Netflix dropped today, the series will be about the group of people tasked with creating the Space Force rather than about the brave soldiers who will actually be… fighting aliens, collecting valuable moon cheese, or whatever the fuck Trump had in mind when the words “Space Force” oozed out of his mouth.

This project reportedly will not interfere with Carell’s work on Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon’s Apple show, but he will star and executive produce under a deal that The Hollywood Reporter says will most likely grant him more than $1 million per episode. That’s a nice payday for the former Michael Scott, so hopefully the Space Force show will be good enough to make up for every second of misery that mankind has endured since Donald Trump was elected. It would be a disappointment otherwise.

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