It seems everybody’s following the big three streaming services into the original programming game, with new shows in the works from XBox, DirectTV, and the George Foreman Grill. Now, even 1994 is getting into the game, as America Online, the Clinton era’s favorite dialup email service, is producing a new original series.

Park Bench will follow its star, Steve Buscemi, as he travels around New York, holding “unscripted moments and conversations” with both average New Yorkers and celebrities, taking viewers “on an adventure through the city.” There’s no indication as to how structured those conversations will be, or how exactly the show will work, but Buscemi fans are hopeful the actor may have found the rare project in which he isn’t murdered horribly. Maybe.

Presumably the series will be distributed the only way AOL knows how: by putting a CD-Rom in your mailbox again and again and again, until the post office just starts throwing them on the floor in front of your mailbox, and then they just pile up there, untouched, because, seriously, how many of these things does anybody need?