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Steve Buscemi is a burnt-out God in the trailer for TBS's new heaven-com Miracle Workers

God is goddamn busy in the world of TV right now; he’s out there friending people, inspiring people to (very briefly) live Biblically, and being notably absent from the bureaucratic cosmology of The Good Place. No wonder Steve Buscemi looks so freaking tired in the trailer for TBS’s new “low level workers in Heaven” sitcom Miracle Workers, in which he plays a version of the Almighty who’s so thoroughly checked out, he’s one bad day from just blowing the whole thing off (and up).


Buscemi’s not the only big name the TBS original has in its roster, either; Daniel Radcliffe co-stars as Craig, a low-level angel responsible for (badly) answering the planet’s accumulated prayers, and carrying that same wide-eyed weirdo energy that made Swiss Army Man such an unconventional delight. And while we have some questions about the trailer’s tone—that soundtrack, which sounds like it was lifted from one of those movies where a dog dies, but in an uplifting way, is a big red flag—the fact that this is the latest project from Man Seeking Woman’s Simon Rich inclines us to give it the benefit of the doubt. (Also, again: Sleepy Steve Buscemi God.)

Miracle Workers debuts on TBS on February 12.

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