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Steve Albini does not care for Odd Future

Every music pundit has sounded off on the Great Odd Future Debate Of ’11—well, almost every music pundit anyway. Until recently, Steve Albini had deprived the world of his pithy thoughts on the subject. But the always sunny and non-critical musician and producer finally shared his opinion on the bratty L.A. rap collective via his message board, and it might be the most entertaining thing written about the group yet.

To the surprise of no one, Albini does not care for Odd Future. But it’s not so much based on the group’s music as his personal experience sharing an airport shuttle with them in Barcelona, which apparently didn’t go well.

The whole trip they complained about not being at a McDonalds and repeatedly shouted for the motherfucker to pull over so they could get some fucking McDonalds nigger. Interspersed with the McDonalds requests were shouted boasts about how often they masturbated and fucked bitches nigger and got paid like a motherfucker fifty grand like a motherfucker. They continued complaining that the trip was taking too long and insisted they be fed immediately all the way to the airport, where their minder presumably fed them. I am quite happy none of them engaged me directly, because at least one of us would have regretted it.


Albini, who’s been known for his dalliances with transgressive humor and toeing the line between provocation and misogyny, writes that Odd Future “go out of their way to make it clear that this is not a case of regular people making music about assholes, but assholes making music about being assholes.” You can read the whole post here.

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