One of the tropes of power-pop is the telephone: waiting for it to ring, hanging up on one person, getting hung up on by another, and all the metaphors that can be wrung from said communication breakdown. It makes perfect sense, then, that Steve Adamyk Band’s new album is titled Dial Tone. The Ottawa outfit’s fourth full-length slashes and hooks with all the lust-sharpened heartache of power-pop’s new-wave peak—as crystallized on one of the album’s catchiest tracks, “Careless,” which is being debuted here. Venomously sweet, Adamyk dares the object of his affection to join him in some mutually destructive lovemaking; naturally, he does so while dodging the ever-looming dial tone. Phoning it in never sounded so good.

Dial Tone will be released July 1 via Dirtnap Records.