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Stern, Winter to remake Rock 'N' Roll High School

Says Variety: Howard Stern and Alex Winter (yes, Bill of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) are teaming up to remake Rock 'N' Roll High School. The 1979 cult classic–best known for a killer soundtrack that features Devo, Nick Lowe, Brian Eno, Alice Cooper, and the Ramones, the last of whom also appear in the film–will get the same kind of overhaul that Stern and fellow producer Larry Levinson are giving Porky's (the mind staggers). Winter, rather than starring in the R 'N' R remake, is scripting; lately he's been logging time behind the camera as a writer and director of music videos, commercials, and random stuff for MTV, Cartoon Network, and Jimmy Kimmell Live!

And on that note: A day without the Ramones is a day you die a little. (More than you'd usually die, that is.)

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