The Goldbergs

The likelihood of viewers yelling out “Ned! Ned Ryerson!” during the next season of HBO’s Silicon Valley has just increased dramatically, because Deadline is reporting that Stephen Tobolowsky has joined the show’s cast. Tobolowsky will play a guy named Jack Barker, and—like most characters on the show—he’ll be “an aggressive and formidable Silicon Valley CEO.” Deadline also says the role will be “recurring” and that Thomas Middleditch “and the guys” will have to “contend” with him, so it sounds like he’ll be a villain of some sort—again, like most characters on the show.

Tobolowsky currently plays Principal Ball on The Goldbergs, but he’s been in about 1,000 other things, so you probably know him from one of those. Maybe you remember him as Bob Bishop from Heroes? Or Edwin Adelson from one episode of Law & Order: SVU? Or maybe his most famous role, various Joker thugs in the Batman: Arkham Origins video game? Either way, he really gets around.