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Stephen Malkmus and Beck make beautiful music together (and not in a romantic way)

After many years of friendship and mutual admiration, Beck and Stephen Malkmus have officially consummated their relationship by entering the studio together to work on a project expected sometime next year. The collaboration was first reported by Mojo and recently confirmed by Matador, who said that Beck and Malkmus’ the Jicks did indeed get together on something—although until Malkmus is done touring with Pavement, we won’t get to hear what that something is. In the meantime, there’s no word on whether Beck merely produced the next Jicks album (as he’s done for folks like Charlotte Gainsbourg) or if he and Malkmus actually got together for a little Traveling Wilburys-style indie-rock all-star sing-along, but for fans of their respective outputs, this is a monumental team-up, one that could potentially slow the Earth’s rotation to a laconic drawl, or enact some sort of Tower Of Babel scenario, where everyone starts speaking in cryptic metaphors and inside-joke slang. Or it could just be really fun to listen to.


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