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Stephen King's The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon next in line for movie adaptation from It producers

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Thanks in no small part to the success of It, Hollywood has renewed its interest in Stephen King’s bibliography—and with a rather expansive collection of works comprised of novels, novellas, short stories, and e-books, the movie and TV industries should be well-stocked on material for the foreseeable future. The next adaptation coming down the assembly line is The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, based on the King novel from 1999. Once eyed as a directing project for the late George A. Romero, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that his widow, Chris, has decided to revive the adaptation. Romero will produce the film alongside It’s Roy Lee and Vertigo Film’s Jon Berg, with Andrew Childs—who worked as Lee’s assistant on Death Note and Blair Witchserving as executive producer.


The producers are currently looking for a writer (and presumably a director) to tackle the adaptation. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon centers on nine-year-old Trisha McFarland, who gets lost while hiking with her mother and brother in the woods. Over the course of nine harrowing days, Trisha becomes increasingly lost, dehydrated, hungry, and set upon by the elements. As a result, Trisha hallucinates and begins talking to her favorite baseball player, Tom Gordon, in order to cope with the ordeal—which includes possibly being stalked by a supernatural entity known as “The God of the Lost.”

In addition to The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and the forthcoming It Chapter Two, Roy Lee is behind numerous other Stephen King adaptations, including Josh Boone’s The Stand miniseries for CBS All Access and The Tommyknockers, which also has James Wan attached to produce.

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