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Stephen King would like Netflix to start Under The Dome over “from scratch,” as we all would

Photo: Under The Dome (CBS)

In the glory summers of 2013 to 2015, we had the summer replacement series to end all summer replacement series: Under The Dome, on CBS. UTD explored the poor beleaguered residents of Chester’s Mill for three summer seasons, conjuring all sorts of possible conspiracy theories and rescue to plans to explore how they could survive under the dome and how they could possibly get out from under the dome. Aliens, red rain, evil butterflies, enigmatic eggs—it seemed that despite its dome-covered status, Chester’s Mill was still privy to all sorts of bizarre infestations and invasions. In the show’s final, 40th episode, the dome was finally shattered, and our expert reviewer Scott Von Doviak concluded, “The show died as it lived: making almost no sense.” It was fun for a summer hate-watch (see also: CBS’ Zoo) but lord, it wasn’t good.

One rather important person agrees with us: Stephen King, who wrote the book that Under The Dome was based on, then ditched it as source material rather quickly. With all the King productions currently underway—like The Outsider, The Dark Tower, and The Reach, to name just a few—it’s understandable that King would want a do-over for one of his most maligned adaptations, as he made clear on Twitter:


At the very least, a new Under The Dome would have to propel past the previous series—it would be really hard to make it any worse. In fact, we only have one request: Please show the cow getting sliced in half again when the dome comes down during the opening credits. We miss this guy.

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