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Stephen King’s IT rated R for intense, scary clowns

It (Photo: Brooke Palmer/Warner Bros.)

Confirming that Andrés Muschietti hasn’t skimped out on the horrific, violent, clown-filled-carnage of his source material for his upcoming movie It, the MPAA issued the movie an R-rating today, for “violence/horror, bloody images, and for language.” (There’s no specific mention of murder clowns, but those can probably be taken as read.)

Based on Stephen King’s classic horror novel, the film hits theaters on September 8. Meanwhile, the lack of any mention of sexual content in the film’s rating more-or-less confirms that the least comfortable sequence in King’s book—a bizarre group sex encounter between its pre-teen heroes—has been thankfully excised from the film, in case you were worried about having to time your popcorn runs to miss that particular bit of “What the hell were you thinking, Stephen?” weirdness.


[via Dread Central]

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