If you are a fan of the 2001 film Hearts In Atlantis, adapted from Stephen King’s book of the same name, then you might be interested to learn that “Hearts In Atlantis,” the story from the book Hearts In Atlantis, is being made for the first time into a movie which will not be called Hearts In Atlantis, Variety reports. That might seem, at first glance, like a nonsense sentence, but it’s actually not.

You see, Hearts In Atlantis is actually a collection of two novellas and three short stories, one of which is called “Hearts In Atlantis.” When legendary screenwriter William Goldman penned the screenplay for Scott Hicks’ film Hearts In Atlantis, he put the narrative together from two related pieces from that book—Low Men in Yellow Coats and “Heavenly Shades Of Night Are Falling.” Now, fifteen years later, British filmmaker Johannes Roberts (In The Deep) and his writing partner Ernest Riera have decided to adapt the actual story “Hearts In Atlantis” into a film which they will simply be calling Hearts. Probably because Hearts In Atlantis was already used.


“As a teenager, discovering Stephen King’s books and their cinematic counterparts was what led me to want to become a filmmaker,” says Roberts said in a statement. “The story ‘Hearts in Atlantis’ is my favorite piece of King’s writing. Turning this story into a movie had been a lifelong dream.”

The story concerns a group of college kids in 1966 who become fascinated with the Machiavellian undertones of the card game Hearts. Their passion for the game contributes to their flagging grades, so that they risk failing out of school and winding up in Vietnam. As you can see, it has absolutely nothing to do with whatever is going on this trailer for the 2001 film which used its name:

[via Variety]