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Stephen King really likes The Meatmen… and you suck!!

Stephen King seems like he should be pretty busy, what with working on what seems like a billion different TV, film, and even musical projects all at the same time. But the most powerful author in Hollywood apparently takes his music tastes in a bit of a different direction. At a truck stop in Vermont, Danny Dirtbag, bassist of Lansing punk band The Meatmen, recognized King and asked for a photo. It turns out King is a huge fan of The Meatmen and of frontman Tesco Vee in particular. The author of The Shining and The Stand told Dirtbag he listened to Vee’s early releases on Touch And Go Records during much of his writing. The photo makes it pretty clear how much Stephen King cares that you know he likes Tesco Vee. (That is not his index finger.) After all, they’re The Meatmen, and you suck. [via Bazillion Points]

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