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Stephen King—an author whose past creations includes evil clowns, haunted ski resorts, and more werewolves and vampires than you can shake a massive, 1,200 page doorstopper at—has turned his pen to the most terrifying existential threat to date: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. King is one of more than 600 authors who’ve signed an open letter put together by the Writers On Trump campaign, denouncing the New York real estate tycoon and reality TV Frankenstein for his deliberate appeals “to the basest and most violent elements in society.”

King’s fellow signatories on the open letter include high-profile authors like Amy Tan, Michael Chabon, and David Eggers, all the better to reach out to that key “Conservative voters who read McSweeney’sdemographic bloc. The campaign’s list of supporters also includes at least 10 Pulitzer Prize winners, and continues to grow, as it adds more authors who agree with its concluding sentiment: “For all these reasons, we, the undersigned, as a matter of conscience, oppose, unequivocally, the candidacy of Donald J. Trump for the Presidency of the United States.”


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