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Stephen King has an idea for an 11.22.63 sequel, but probably won’t write it


Hulu’s adaptation of Stephen King’s 11.22.63 wrapped up earlier this month, but the ridiculously prolific author already has a plan for where the story could go next—even if he doesn’t really plan on writing it. The original novel is about a guy in the present day named Jake Epping who finds a time portal in the back of a diner and uses it to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Unfortunately, things don’t really work out how he expects them to, requiring multiple trips back and forth to try and right some wrongs, and along the way he falls in love with a woman named Sadie.

In a recent Facebook Q&A (via IndieWire), a fan asked King if he had any plans to write a spinoff, to which King responded that he’d “love to revisit Jake and Sadie.” He also said that a hypothetical sequel would probably be about “Jake trying to stop unscrupulous people” from using the time portal, rather than having the guy go on another historical adventure. However, King also noted that “sometimes it’s best not to go back for a second helping,” which kind of seems like it’s the point of the book, so the odds of him writing an 11.22.63 sequel don’t seem very good at this point. Of course, he even wrote a sequel to The Shining eventually, so it’s not totally impossible.


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