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Stephen Hawking is making an educational cartoon for kids

Back in the ’80s, all TV shows were about one thing: selling toys. Today, however, many shows take a different approach and use TV to actually educate people. Even Breaking Bad, one of the most critically acclaimed programs in recent years, was all about how cool it is to be good at chemistry. And who would’ve thought—before Seth MacFarlane and Neil deGrasse Tyson rebooted Cosmos—that Americans would be interested in a show that primarily consists of people flying through and talking about space (a location that some consider “The Final Frontier”)?

Now, as reported by Variety, even Stephen Hawking is trying to parlay his vast intelligence into TV stardom with an adaptation of the George Greenby children’s’ book series he writes with his daughter, Lucy. The books follow the titular George and his friend Annie as they travel around the universe and learn about science with Cosmos, which Variety describes as “a supercomputer with an attitude.” Basically, it’s Rick And Morty with a snarky computer instead of a drunken old man.


The Hawkings are teaming up with the aptly named Nerd Corps. Entertainment to produce the computer-animated show, though they don’t appear to have an American distributor yet. Nerd Corps. is reportedly hoping it can introduce a “multi-platform experience” that will allow kids to learn even when they’re not watching TV. As if that’s possible.

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