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Since the great digital clock of life began counting the seconds eons ago, mankind has strived, one frantic day at a time, to find answers to the great questions in life. Why are we here? What does it all mean? And perhaps the most pressing question of all, WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?!?!?

Finally, we have an answer to that last one, at least as it pertains to Stephen Fry and John Boyega, as both are now working for producers of the relaunched limited series 24: Live Another Day. Boyega—who starred in Attack The Blockand was recently cast as Jesse Owens in the biopic Race—will play a drone pilot. Fry, the most beloved person in Britain (coming in slightly ahead of the Royal Baby and Father Christmas), will be playing that country's Prime Minister.

As the influx talent from Old Blighty suggests, this season finds Jack Bauer in London, transitioning between the only two things he knows: being a fugitive from justice, and being a yelling, torturing, two-fisted dispenser of justice. Also imported from England, the title, which was made by smashing two James Bond movies together.

No word yet as to which brand of terrorist crisis will have to be dealt with in a remarkably short span of time, but producers have released this clip of Bauer's daring escape from London's police force.

Fry and Boyega join other new additions like Damages' Tate Donovan, who plays the new husband of Bauer's old flame Kim Raver, and Benjamin Bratt, as the CIA head who's determined to track Bauer down.


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