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Stephen Colbert will probably host an election night special on Showtime

(Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

Should Donald Trump win the presidency this November, you’re probably going to need to laugh as the ship known as the United States of America sinks. And if all goes according to plan, Stephen Colbert will be broadcasting live on election night on Showtime, even if the country doesn’t elect the star of The Apprentice.

At the Television Critics Association press tour earlier today, Showtime president David Nevins made what he deemed a “half-announcement” about the special, according to Variety. According to Nevins, the details for a Colbert special haven’t exactly been hammered out, but the desire is there. “I think it’s going to happen—Stephen wants to do it, I want to do it, the studio wants to do it,” Nevins added. He also promised that the event will be “Colbert unfettered,” which apparently means the host, free from CBS standards and practices, will drop some curse words.


To tide you over while this cable venture gets sorted out, CBS announced yesterday that The Late Show will go live again after the presidential and vice presidential debates.

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